The Analytics and Formulation stream brings together leading experts to explore characterization, analytics, formulation, stability, drug delivery, and process development. These engaging conference tracks will feature cutting-edge research aimed at revolutionizing drug development. This event serves as a forum to discuss the following topics: improving targeting, novel formats, screening tools, integrating artificial intelligence, quality control, managing contaminants and impurities, increasing stability, and increasing safety profiles of biotherapeutics.

Conferences Include:

Analytics & Characterisation
Formulation & Stability

Keynote Presentations:

Detecting Low-Abundance HCPs in Biopharmaceuticals: Advances & Applications
Thomas WaernerThomas Waerner, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist & Laboratory Director, Analytical Development & Quality Control, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

The Viscosity Reduction Platform—Accelerating SC-Suitable High-Concentration Protein Formulations Using Machine Learning
Stefan BraunStefan Braun, Head of Laboratory, Liquid Formulation R&D, Merck