2021 Poster Presentations

P01: Robust Viral Clearance with Salt Tolerant Single Use AEX Solution, Presented by Joris V., 3M

P02: Analysis of Filtration Behavior Using Integrated Column Chromatography Followed by Virus Filtration, Presented by Hironobu S., Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

P03: Single-Step Purification of H1N1 Virus Using Anion Exchange Chromatography, Presented by Jean-Francois D., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

P04: Single Molecule Based Quality Control for Cell Line Engineering and Development, Presented by Imen M., Genomic Vision

P05: Accelerating Bioprocess Workflows with Microfluidic Immunoassay-Based Parallel Impurity Analysis, Presented by Ann E., Gyros Protein Technologies

P06: Protein or Not? Advanced Subvisible Particle Characterization with Fluorescent ID, Presented by Bernardo C., Halo Labs

P07: High Throughput, Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis of Adeno-Associated Viruses, Presented by Bernardo C., Halo Labs

P08: Post‐Thaw Troubleshooting of Cell Bank Performances, Presented by Celine A., Ichnos Sciences SA

P09: Bioprocess Development of Biologics: From Single Colony to Preclinical Manufacturing, Presented by Martina Q., Ingenza Ltd.

P10: Focal Molography - Eliminating Guess Work in Biotech and Pharma Research, Presented by Volker G., lino Biotech AG

P11: Beyond Animal Testing in Cell Line Characterization - Replacing MAP/HAP with Rapid Degenerate PCR and Fragment Analysis Sequencing Method, Presented by Steven M., Merck BioReliance

P12: 13C Asparagine: An Alternative to 13C Glutamine for Metabolic Flux Analysis of Glutamine Synthetase Cell Lines, Presented by Mark L., Metalytics, Inc.

P13: Optimizing Cell Line Development with the CHOZN® & UCOE® Combined Platform, Presented by Britta A., MilliporeSigma, A business of Merck KGaA

P14: Intensified mAb Polishing: Linking Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration with Anion Exchange Chromatography, Presented by Veronica F., MilliporeSigma, A business of Merck KGaA

P15: Next-Generation Transfection Reagent for Large Scale AAV Manufacturing, Presented by Megane D., Polyplus-transfection

P16: Cell Composition Determination of Industrially Relevant Cell Lines for an Optimized Media Design Platform, Presented by Ziomara G., University of Chile

P17: Investigation of Recombinant Human Factor IX Posttranslational Modification Differences in Fed-Batch and Perfusion Processes of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Against Plasma-Derived Factor IX, Presented by Dinora R., University of Queensland

P18: Proteins in Niosomal Formulations, Presented by Amal E., University of Sunderland

P19: Highly Sensitive, Label-Free, and High-Throughput-Compatible Antibody Aggregation Assay, Presented by Salla V., University of Turku

P20: Overcoming the Bottlenecks in the Manufacturing of Viral Vector Based Therapies, Presented by Saurabh G., ViraTherapeutics GmbH