Preliminary List as of 14 February

Production of AAV Vectors Using Synthetic, Enzymatically Produced Linear DNA

Synthetic, Enzymatically Produced DNA and Non-Viral Delivery Systems for Gene Editing Applications

Synthetic, Enzymatically Produced DNA for Gene Therapy and Vaccine Applications

908 Devices, Inc.
Know Your Process: On-Line and At-Line Analytics for Upstream Bioprocess Key Nutrients

908 Devices, Inc.
Raman-Based In-Line Monitoring of Key Process Parameters in Mammalian Bioprocesses Without the Need for Chemometric Model Building

908 Devices, Inc.
Rapid In-Depth Characterization of Biologics by Microchip CE-MS: mAbs, AAVs and Nucleic Acids

Optimisation of Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration for Plasmid DNA by High Throughput Screening

Antibody Humanization with Predictive Design

Leap-in Transposases® - A New Paradigm of Cell Line Development

Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca
Recombinant Production of the Bacteriocin EMM1-PGT and Its Inhibitory Activity on Emerging Clinical Isolates

Deep Longitudinal Multi-Omics Analysis of Bordetella pertussis Cultivated in Bioreactors Highlights Medium Starvations and Transitory Metabolisms

Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR
Genome-Scale Modelling of CHO Cells Unravel the Critical Role of Asparagine in Feed Media

Bio-Rad Laboratories
AAV Vector Purification Workflow Using Anion Exchange and Mixed-Mode Chromatography

Bio-Rad Laboratories
Development of an IEX Purification Process for Lentiviral Vectors

Bio-Rad Laboratories
Production of Single-Stranded DNA Oligonucleotides Using Anion Exchange Chromatography

Bluu GmbH
Upstream Process Development for Fish Cell Suspension Cultivation

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Automation and Comparability of qPCR and ddPCR for AAV Genome Titration for In-Process Samples

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Evaluation of Empty/Full AAV Quantification Technologies

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Integration of an Automated Sampling System for Improved AAV2 Production Process Understanding and Control

CNTA - National Centre for Technology and Food Safety
Bioproduction of Succinic Acid and 2,3-Butanediol Using Agro-Industrial Byproducts

CNTA - National Centre for Technology and Food Safety
Characterizing the Rheological Behavior of a Texturizing Agent Obtained Through Fermentation for In-Situ Application in Dairy Mimetics

2nd Gen UP.SIGHT: Generation of Monoclonal Cell Lines, from Cloning to Clone Selection

Filtration Methods to Overcome New Challenges in Viral Safety

In Silico Optimization of a Multimodal Chromatography mAb Purification Step

Quality by Design (QbD) Evaluation of Upstream AAV Gene Therapy Manufacturing Parameters in iCELLis™ Bioreactors

Delft University of Technology
Scaling Up or Scaling Out? Modelling Autologous and iPSC-Derived Allogeneic CAR-T Manufacture

Genedata AG
A Streamlined Workflow for Analytical Characterization of Antibodies

Genedata AG
An Integrated, Enterprise Software Solution for In-Depth Characterization and Quality Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals

Genedata AG
End-to-End Workflow Platform for Integrated Biopharmaceutical Development

Genedata AG
Unlocking Opportunities in ATMP Development: NGS for Starting Material, Product Characterization and Release Testing in a GMP Environment

Developing Tools for Regulating Recombinant Protein Expression in CHO Cells

Gyros Protein Technologies
Accelerating Bioprocess Workflows with Microfluidic Immunoassay-Based Parallel Impurity Analysis

Halo Labs
Aura+: High Throughput, Low Volume Product Stability and Purity Analysis for Gene and Cell Therapies

Halo Labs
Manufacturing Physically Stable Proteins Starting from Cell Line Development

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Characterization of Stress Induced Charge Heterogeneity in Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Optimizing High-Throughput Production of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Virus-Like Particles through Efficient Screening of Diverse Pichia pastoris Strains

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Rapid Estimation of Size-Based Heterogeneity in Monoclonal Antibodies by Machine Learning Enhanced Dynamic Light Scattering

Innoforce Pharmaceuticals
Application of Flow Cytometry in the Detection of Microbead Residues

Innoforce Pharmaceuticals
Applying Agile Development Strategy to Develop High Quality and High Yield Plasmid Process for Advanced Therapeutics

KBI Biopharma
Accelerating Candidate Screening Through a Reliable Transient Expression Platform

Mirus Bio
Optimization and Scale-Up of AAV Manufacturing Using a cGMP Lipid Polymer Nanocomplexes (LPNCs) and a Novel Enhancer

NanoSyrinx Ltd.
Nanosyringes: Intracellular Protein Delivery in Action

Numaswitch – The Revolution of Peptein Production

Pharmaron Biologics UK Limited
The Need for Speed: Maximising Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Vector Productivity with High Throughput (HTP) Platforms

Phoenestra GmbH
A Novel Manufacturing System for Standardized Extracellular Vesicles from Telomerized Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Politecnico di Milano
From Scale-Down to Bench-Top Perfusion Cultures for the Production of Oligonucleotides

Polyplus, Now Part of Sartorius
pPLUS® AAV-Helper, Novel Engineered pHelper Plasmid to Improve Yield and Quality of Several AAV Serotypes in Suspension Cell Culture Systems

Qubicon AG
Cross-Device Model-Based Control and Central Data Management in Continuous Bioprocessing

Sartorius BIA Separations d.o.o.
Application of PATfix® SEC and CIM® Anion Exchange Chromatography for Optimization of EV Upstream Production

Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
Centrifuge Free Clarification of Adeno-Associated Virus Crude Cell Lysates Using a Novel Alluvial Filtration Method

Sartorius Stedim Cellca GmbH
Strategies to Assess Heterogeneity in CHO Cell Lines

SecureCell AG
Getting a Grip on Oxygen Transfer in Bioreactors: Automated kLa Determination Using the Software Lucullus®

SecureCell AG
Rapid On-Line Analysis of Limiting Amino Acids Using the Advanced Autosampling System Numera® and the Lucullus® Software

Comparative Investigations of Single-Use AEX Ligand Types for Removal of Common and Problematic Host Cell Proteins in Biopharmaceutical Purification

TECNALIA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA)
Edible 3D Carriers for Skeletal Muscle Expansion and Maturation in Cultured Meat

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific™ MarqMetrix™ All-In-One Raman Process Analyzer – Real Time Monitoring of Accurate Protein Concentration in Downstream Processes

Tosoh Bioscience GmbH
Efficiency Redefined: Continuous Chromatographic mAb Polishing via SG-SMB

University College Cork
DOE Based Operating Parameter Optimisation of Stirred Tank Bioreactors Using Ansys Design Exploration Platform

University College London
Adaptation of the WinPac HEK Cell Line from Adherent to Suspension

University College London
Toward a Feeder In Situ System (FINSU) for Low-Cost Cultured Meat Production Whereby Ancillary Cells Provide a Process Aid Function Within 3D Bioprinted Scaffolds

University of Augsburg
A 3D-Printed Microfluidic System for Automated Transient Transfection of CHOK1 and HEK293E Cells at High-Cell Density

University of Augsburg
Development of an Integrated Optical Biosensor for Virus Detection in Cell Culture Processes

University of Augsburg
Parallel Monitoring of Hydrogel-Embedded Cell Cultures Using a 3D-Printed Microfluidic Perfusion System

ValitaCell Ltd., now part of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
Simple & High-Throughput Analytics for Proteins & Cells in Bioprocessing