A New Chromatographic Approach to Quickly Assess Glycoforms and ADCC Activity of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Regina R., Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Accelerating Bioprocess Workflows with Microfluidic, Immunoassay-Based Parallel Impurity Analysis; Presented by Justine C., Gyros Protein Technologies AB

Adding Multicolumn Chromatography Capture into a Standard Mab Process Model; Presented by Yuki A., Biopharm Services Ltd.

Advanced Manufacturing of T Cells Utilizing Perfusion and Online Viable Biomass Measurements; Presented by Maya F., Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Aggregation of Antibody-Drug Conjugates: The Light Scattering Toolbox for Screening and Characterization; Presented by Dan S., Wyatt Technology Corporation

An Easy-to-Use Media Supplement for Increased Biomolecule Galactosylation; Presented by Irina R., FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

Automated Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis with the HORIZON System; Presented by Rick G., Halo Labs

Bioprocessing 4.0: Integrating Data and Lab Automation in Upstream Bioprocessing; Presented by Adam P., Synthace Ltd.

Characterizing PEGylation Products Using Polarized Excitation Emission Matrix (pEEM) Spectroscopy; Presented by Ana Luiza D., National University of Ireland, Galway

Cost Analysis of Vein-to-Vein CAR T-Cell Therapy: Effect of Automated Manufacturing; Presented by Rob N., Biopharm Services Ltd.

Development of a Simple Robust High Performance Platform Production Process for GS-CHO Cell Lines; Presented by Megha P., Lonza Biologics Plc

eCHO™ Basal and Feed Medium: Maximize Your Protein Production; Presented by Nicole W., Lonza Verviers Sprl.

Fast Scale Up: From Shake Flask to Orbital Shaken Bioreactors (OSB); Presented by Tibor A., Adolf Kühner AG

Flexible Automated Design of Experiments: Applications in Bioprocessing and Analytical Development; Presented by Moiz E., Synthace Ltd.

Improved Cell Line Development Using CellCelector™ Nanowell-Based Single Cell Cloning Technology; Presented by Constantin N., ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH

Improving Downstream Processing: Application of Excipients in DSP; Presented by Supriyadi H., Merck KGaA

In Vitro Glycoengineering in Solid and Liquid Phase: Production of Hypergalactosylated Rituximab with Higher Binding Affinity; Presented by Leticia M., National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training

Life Cycle Assessment of Cultivated Meat; Presented by Clarisse B., University of Cambridge

Method Design for Sensitive, High-Throughput Analysis and Label Free Quantification of Proteoforms; Presented by Manasi G., University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Molecular Combing, an Innovative Quality Control Assay for Genetic Engineering and Biomanufacturing; Presented by Imen M., Genomic Vision

Multi-Attribute Quality Screening of Immunoglobulin G Using Polarized Excitation Emission Matrix Spectroscopy; Presented by Ana Luiza D., National University of Ireland, Galway

Next Steps in AAV Characterization via Light Scattering Measuring AAV Critical Quality Attributes; Presented by Dan S., Wyatt Technology Corporation

Product Quality Attribute Control in Biologics Manufacturing Using Automated Sampling and Analysis; Presented by Jens P., MAST - Lonza

Protein A Chromatography: Membrane Devices Versus Resin; Presented by Ozan O., Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

Protein or Not? Advanced, High Throughput Subvisible Particle Characterization with Fluorescent ID; Presented by Rick G., Halo Labs

Rapid Generation of Production Cell Lines with Superior Titers and 99% Monoclonality for Complex Antibody Molecules; Presented by Mio M., Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Rapid Serum- and Xeno-Free Expansion of Human T Cells with CellGenix TCM; Presented by Sebastian W., CellGenix GmbH

Semi-Automated Positive Pressure SPE for Phosphoproteomics; Presented by Stefan H., Tecan Deutschland GmbH