Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural

Formulation, Stability & Aggregation

Improving and Accelerating Protein Production Processes

March 25-26, 2020


This inaugural conference brings together leading industry experts to advance formulation, stability and aggregation studies in the production of traditional and novel biotherapeutics. Exploring the latest methods, technologies and solutions being employed to overcome your most pressing challenges. We invite you to join us in Barcelona to share best practices with like-minded peers.

Preliminary Agenda


Comparative Evaluation of Chelating Agents to Prevent Polysorbate and API Degradation in Biologic Formulations

Riccardo Torosantucci, PhD, Section Head Formulation and Process Development, Sanofi-Aventis

Solution NMR Assessments of Therapeutic Protein Behaviour and Impact of Formulation

Mark McCoy, PhD, Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry – Screening, Target and Compound Profiling, MSD

Developability Assessment of Biologics and Formulation of Novel Molecules

Shahid Uddin, PhD, Director Drug Product, Formulation & Stability, Immunocore

3D Printed Delivery Systems for Drugs and Biologics

Dimitrios Lamprou, PhD, Reader in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Queen's University Belfast

Biopharmaceutical Product Differentiation through Innovative Formulation

Jan Jezek, CSO, Arecor

Antibody Formulation Using Bacterial Spore Derived Excipients

Íris Luz Batalha, PhD, Research Associate, University of Cambridge


How to Define a Stability Strategy for Adenoviral Vectored Vaccines

Nadine Binai, PhD, Scientist Product Characterization, Janssen Vaccines

Stability Challenges and Control of Product for Oxidation Sensitive mAbs

Annette Vinther Heydenreich, PhD, Senior Research Scientist and Drug Product Coordinator, Symphogen

Advances in Stability and Degradation Testing to Demonstrate Physico-Chemical Similarity of Originator and Biosimilar Products

Tudor Arvinte, PhD, CEO, Therapeomic; Professor of Biopharmaceutics, University of Geneva


Protein Aggregation and Particulate Matters in Biologics

Rajsekhar Paul, PhD, Fellow, Drug Product Development, Novartis

Characterisation of Subvisible Particles: Old Challenges and New Improvements (Interaction with the Regulators)

Anacelia Ríos Quiroz, PhD, Scientist, Group Leader Particle Lab, Pharma Technical Development Europe, Roche

Aggregation of Biologics in Liquid and Freeze-Dried State – Formulation and Processing

Paul Matejtschuk, PhD, Section Head Standardisation Science, NIBSC (National Institute for Biological Standards & Control)

Towards an Improved Understanding of Aggregation: Interactions between Partially Folded Proteins Formed under Chemically Denaturing Conditions

Robin Curtis, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, Manchester University

Chemical and Physical Protein Attributes that Influence the Self-Assembly of Proteins

Jennifer McManus, PhD, Head of Department, Chemistry, Maynooth University

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