Cambridge Healthtech Institute ’s 3rd Annual

Continuous Processing for Biopharmaceuticals

Improving Process Intensification, Integration and Control

24-25 March 2020


Continuous bioprocessing is an efficient way for companies to improve productivity and facility utilization. But what are the practical considerations to consider, which technology gaps still remain, and how can industry ensure process control and stability at scale?

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Continuous Processing for Biopharmaceuticals conference focuses on the practical challenges of developing, integrating and implementing continuous processing across upstream and downstream processing. Key topics include continuous process development from perfusion to purification, process control, robustness and monitoring, viral safety, cost analysis and ramping up production for commercialization, all in line with international regulations.

Preliminary Agenda


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Digitalization Platform and Supervisory Control for Continuous Integrated Manufacture of Monoclonal Antibodies

Massimo Morbidelli, PhD, Professor, Chemical and Bioengineering, ETH Zurich

FEATURED PRESENTATION: High-Throughput Methodologies for ICB

Marcel Ottens, PDEng, Associate Professor, Bioprocess Engineering, TU Delft

From Frankfurt to CoPACaPAnA and from Development to GMP: A Journey in Continuous Protein A Chromatography

Ozan-Thomas Oetes, MSc, Process Developmetn Engineer, Sanofi-Aventis

Continuous Processing for Vaccine Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities

Yan-Ping Yang, PhD, Head of Bioprocess Research & Development, North America, Sanofi Pasteur

Overcoming Obstacles in Perfusion Processes

Vicky Goralczyk, PhD, Director, Cell Line and Bioprocess Development, Glycotope GmbH

Developing a Fully Automated, Flexible and Integrated Continuous Downstream Purification Platform and Demonstration of the Production of Three Legacy Batch Processes

Stuart Jamieson, PhD, Principal Scientist, Upstream, Downstream and Analytical, CPI Biologics

Intensive Manufacturing: What Are Economic Drivers?

Andrew Sinclair, President & Founder, Biopharm Services Ltd.

Continuous Virus Inactivation: State-of-the-Art and Case Studies

Duarte L. Martins, PhD Student, BOKU/ACIB, Laboratory of Protein Technology and Downstream Processing, Department of Biotechnology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)


Biopharmaceutical Process Models in the Digital Age – How to Make Value out of Data

Michael Sokolov, PhD, Scientist Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering, ETH Zurich and COO and Co-Founder, DataHow

Digitalization, Process Control and Monitoring

Dejan Arzenšek, PhD, Principal Scientist, Global Drug Development, Technical R&D, Novartis

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