The popular Upstream Processing pipeline at Bioprocessing Summit Europe offers a forum for those working in the disciplines of cell line development, cell engineering and cell culture to learn the latest scientific updates and hear best practices from leading industry and academic scientists. For 2024, presentations will explore emerging technologies, solutions, upstream processing for new biotherapeutic modalities and the increasingly important roles of computational modeling, AI and machine learning.

Conferences Include:

Cell Culture & Bioproduction
Cell Line Development

Keynote Presentations:

Revolutionising Bioprocess Innovation: Unleashing the Power of KIWI-Biolab's Robotic Ecosystem by Orchestration of Model-Based DoEs, Fast in-Depth Analytics for Recombinant Protein Processes
Peter Herr NeubauerPeter Herr Neubauer, PhD, Lab Head, Bioprocess Engineering, TU Berlin

Synthetic Biology for Tailored Genetic Vectors
David C. JamesDavid C. James, PhD, Professor, Bioprocess Engineering, University of Sheffield