The Cell Therapy CMC and Manufacturing stream brings together leading industry, academic and technology experts who have agreed to highlight their experiences, share their advice, and present case studies on how your company can best address core CMC and manufacturing challenges, including: selecting appropriate technologies to enable process efficiency, autologous and allogeneic manufacturing strategies (including CAR Ts, NK cells, TCRs, TILs, MSCs, IPSCs and gamma delta T cells), impact of automation and AI, managing data, analytical trends, current regulatory guidelines and compliance, managing supply chain and logistics and facility design considerations.

Conferences Include:

Cell Therapy CMC & Manf.
TS: Potency Assays

Keynote Presentations:

Process Development to Improve the Quality and Yield of TCR T Cells for Solid Tumors
Ali MohamedAli Mohamed, PhD, Vice President, CMC, Immatics US, Inc.